8 Business Opportunities Suitable for Students

Campus is a place for students to study. But for students who are creative, in addition to being a place to study, campus is also a place to learn to open a side business. It can even be used to start a more serious business, as the beginning of the business that will be pursued after graduating later. There are many facts that prove that the campus is not only a place to study lecture material, it is also a starting point for students to start a business from scratch.

There are many business opportunities that students can try, both businesses that require large capital and those that do not require capital. The student business can be in the form of an online business or a business that is run in real terms.

business opportunities

Here are some business opportunities that students should try:

1. Private Course Business

Private course business is a side business that does not require capital. But this business requires students who run it to have special skills and expertise. For example, a private mathematics business course is best suited for students majoring in mathematics. Mathematics courses are sought after by parents, because mathematics is taught since primary education and tested on national examinations. This is a gold field that students should try.

2. Used Goods Sales Business

The business of selling used goods is a side business that requires capital. This business requires careful reading of opportunities. Because the goods sold are used goods which are usually underestimated by many people, but are goods that are meaningful to people who need them. Like for example, buying a fan at a used goods market, then reselling it to campus friends who need a fan for their boarding room. The more carefully read the opportunity, the smaller the capital needed and the greater the profit gained.

3. Photo and Video Services Business

The business of photo and video services is also a side business of students related to hobbies. This business is usually occupied by students majoring in photography, so they can do business while applying the material obtained on campus. Although initially only as a side business while studying, this business has great potential if done well and management is good. So that it can become a serious business pilot after graduating later.

4. Music Entertainment Business

The music entertainment business is a business that is suitable for students who like to band. In this business students are required to be able to sing or master one musical instrument, then become an entertainer at a cafe that provides full music facilities for its visitors. This is one of the side businesses that is quite a good honorarium. You can even gather your own band personnel to become professional performers from cafes to cafes.

5. Writer Services Business

Author services business is an online business of students who like to write. Apart from being an online writer, students can try to be contributors to an online site. You can even open writing services online, then promote them on social media and cyberspace. If your writing is good for human reading and the Google search engine, customers will add value to your online business.

6. Business Graphic Design Services

The business of graphic design services is a business that requires small capital. But this business demands the skills to operate software, for example Photoshop to create graphic design. This business has bright prospects, because many people need it, such as graphic design tasks from friends, t-shirt design services, website design services, photo editing services and other design services, especially from people who like design or art.

7. Business of Translation Services

The translator service business is a side business that is suitable for language students, both English, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin and other languages. This business requires no capital, only requires foreign language skills and fluency. You can even start offering services to other students with different departments, such as IT majors and other majors.

8. Business Printing Services

The printing service business requires a minimum of 1 laptop, print and other equipment. This business opportunity is quite promising, because many people need it, such as students who cannot escape from assignments or reports in the form of hard copy. This is an opportunity to set up printing services, both print assignments among students and print services to the general public. This printing service can be opened in a residence, such as at home, boarding or rent you. Even this printing service can be used as a business pilot to be developed into a larger printing business after graduating from college.

This article was written by Baca Mania. An Indonesian website that writes about matters relating to business, finance, and others.