5 Top List of Best Laptops under 700 Dollars for Multitasking Job


Nowadays, laptop manufacturers like to produce a laptop based on its use, such as, for gaming, multitasking performance, and so on. Mostly, they come at a high price since it is suited with the high spec which can deliver good performance. However, do not worry as you can still find the best laptops under 700 equipped with high specs and features.

Laptop with Full Features and Reasonable Price

It is known that most of the laptop that equipped with high specs and performance commonly come at a high price. It is because you will all the things are coming in high quality. However, you can still able to find the laptop at an affordable price and it can deliver such a good performance.

The Best Laptop under $700

Here are several options of best laptops under 700 dollars with high specs and good performance.

  • Asus FX504

This laptop is considered a high-quality laptop which comes at an affordable price. In addition, this laptop is suitable for those who are games freak as this is specially designed for such a purpose. In addition, it is good news that the price is still reasonable which is under $700. The performance of the laptop is good as it is equipped with 8th generation Intel processor in 4.0 GHz. As a consequence, this laptop is able to run heavy games.

  • Acer Swift 3

Another choice for your reference is this Acer Swift 3. When you look at the design, this laptop has a good design. It is thin with 18.8 mm and 4.63 pounds. In a matter of performance, this laptop has i5 Intel Core 8250U with 3.4 GHz. As its name, it can deliver such a high performance including for multitasking use. For the storage capacity, this laptop has 8GB RAM which can be upgraded to 16GB. In addition, the user can have such a satisfying experience with 15.6 inches of screen.

  • Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5577

This is another option of best laptops under 700 that you can have. Dell launched this series at the beginning of the year. This laptop is considered as qualified one as it uses i5 Quad Core Intel with 3.5 GHz. In addition, this laptop can deliver powerful performance and you can even use this one for the smooth game. In addition, this laptop uses GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. For the storage capacity, this laptop has 8GB DDR4 RAM. A good thing that you can find in this laptop is about video memory support which is up to 4GB GDDR5. For the size, it is wide enough with 15.6 inches.

  • Acer Aspire E15

If you are looking for a laptop with fast performance and affordable price, this one might be a good answer. The design comes so well with the slim body and elegant look. Talking about performance, this laptop uses i7 Intel Core 8550U processor with 4.0 GHz and turbo boost. For your information, this laptop comes as the 8th generation of Intel Core series so that the performance is no joke. For the storage capacity, it has 256 GB SSD so that it is good for you who require multitasking job.

  • Acer Nitro 5

This Nitro 5 series also comes as a laptop with cool performance. It uses i5 Intel Core with 3.5 GHz. For the RAM capacity, it has 8GB DDR4 with 256 SSD internal storage. This laptop is good for those who need a multitasking job and like to play the smooth game, this one is highly recommended.

Shortly, you can still find the best laptops under 700 which has good specs and can deliver such a great performance in the use. Those 5 laptops can be your options and you can have the one which suits your needs.