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buffalo: the game

1. When players agree to the game of buffalo, they play for life.

2. If you witness a fellow player drinking out of his/her dominant hand (aka. the wrong hand) and you call out "buffalo!", the offending player must immediately finish his/her drink.

3. If a "buffalo!" is miscalled out, then the miscaller must immediately finish their drink.

4. Play/drink responsibly. No one likes an up-chucker.

Brandon Poon is a Bay Area native who grew up in the restaurant business, with family-owned restaurants of the local Mr. Chau's Chinese fast food chains, Express 7, Thaibodia and many more. Brandon has also cooked all over the Bay Area; having lined at Michelin-starred Madera (Menlo Park), interned at the Cheesecake Factory (Valleyfair) and cooked at pop-up dinners for Chef Gale Tan's SV Underground and Chef David Barzelay's Lazy Bear (SF). 

With over 10 years of experience of helping to run the family restaurant, cooking all over the Bay Area, a degree in culinary management, and passion for great tasting food (and beers), Buffalo is Brandon's first culinary venture to bring his vision of good food, drink and company to downtown Mountain View.

292 castro street | mountain viewca 94041650-282-5096

About Brandon Poon, Chef/Owner

Buffalo: the origins

The restaurant namesake, Buffalo, was inspired by a European backpacking trip with friends in 2010. While on a pub crawl in Paris, we met two friendly Aussies who introduced us to the game of buffalo. Though not much of that night was remembered, the game certainly was and we brought the game back stateside to play among our greater circle of friends.  Since then, gatherings have doubled in laughter as we try to catch each other with a "buffalo!"

When it came time to pick a name for the restaurant, many suggestions were brought up, though none of them felt quite right.  When asked, "What do you want your restaurant atmosphere to feel like?" Brandon shared, "I want it to be a place like all our friends are gathering, having a beer in hand, eating good food, and just hanging out and having a good time." From there, the inspiration of calling the restaurant Buffalo came about.